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Larry Bones
Owner-Operator, Bone Yard FX; Head of Makeup, Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood
Charlie Scola
Party planner, caterer, author, columnist, award-winning speaker, world traveler.
Douglas Barnes
Owner, Producer, and Co-Host of The Season Pass Podcast.
John Murdy
Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights (Creative Director)
Chris Williams

Chris Williams

Universal Studios Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights (Art Director)
Jason Blum
Film Producer, "Paranormal Activity" franchise, "The Purge," "Sinister" and "Insidious." Haunt Producer, "Blumhouse of Horrors."
Jeff Baham
Webmaster, DoomBuggies.com
Garner Holt
Founder, Garner Holt Productions
Tammy Sutton

Tammy Sutton

Award-winning feature film director. Her latest film ISLE OF DOGS will be released this fall and she is in post with her feature film WHISPERS. Involved in all aspects of filmmaking, she also works as a writer and producer, primarily on genre films.
Bill Butler

Bill Butler

Director, Creative Design at Garner Holt Productions animatronics studio
Consuelo Flores
Dia de los Muertos expert and consultant.
Sean Patrick Traver
Author, Graves' End: A Magical Thriller; Latino culture correspondent for CreepyLA.
David Ortiz

David Ortiz

Disney Creative Entertainment Art Specialist. Designer: "Day Of The Dead" and "Sleepy Hollow Mountain" at Knott's Halloween Haunt.
Lisa Morton
Author, Trick or Treat: A History of Halloween, The Halloween Encyclopedia, and A Hallowe'en Anthology: Literary and Historical Writers over the Centuries.
Alyse Wax

Alyse Wax

Associate editor and television critic for FEARnet.com. Never misses an opportunity to remind her parents that the hobby they disliked has made her a productive member of society
Founder, Zombies without Borders; Cacophony Society member since 1996; organizer of Brides of March, Caveman Picnic and Santacon; futurist, technologist.
Jill Kill

Jill Kill

Horror movie reviewer and interviewer on youtube, as well as a writer and TV producer on the Adult Swim sketch comedy show "Loiter Squad". Find out more at jillkill.com and don't worry... so far she's only killed with words.
Mike Mendez
Horror Filmmaker from an early age, Mike's extensive filmography includes: "Killers", the horror comedy "The Convent", the documentary "Masters of Horror", "The Gravedancers" (named among the "8 Films To Die by Lionsgate & After Dark Films), "Big ASS Spider!" as well as work on the television series "Beavis & Butthead"
Lawrence P. Raffel
Editor-In-Chief of FEARnet.com, Founder of the independent horror review web site MonstersAtPlay.com
Brian Collins
Horror Writer for BadassDigest, Owner/Founder of industry site Horror Movie A Day
Drew Daywalt
Horror Writer/Filmmaker and FEARner Contributor ("Bedfellows", "Camera Obscura", "Death Valley", "Red Clover")
Steve Biodrowski
Creator/Editor, Hollywood Gothtique
Shea Foley
Owner & Operator of Boot Hill haunted attraction in Irvine, CA which will celebrate its 14th year in 2013
Justin Meyer
Creative Director, Ten Thirty One Productions (Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, Great Horror Campout)
Dancer, Choreographer, Beatmaker, Filmmaker. “Lematiq’sThrilla”, presented by Scream Team Productions, is an urban, hip-hop millennium version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance. This reimagined takeon an iconic dance features undead flesh eating zombies.
James Brown

James Brown

Owner and Operator, Chambers of the Mausoleum and The Labyrinth of Lost Relics haunted attractions. Creative Production Manager, Garner Holt Productions
David Enloe
Owner & Operator of The Chamber haunted attraction, featured in the top 10 pro haunts on Travel Channel's first Halloween program.
Ryan Turek
Managing Editor of ShockTillYouDrop.com
Melissa Carbone
President/Founder of Ten Thirty One Productions (TTO) entertainment company coined the "Cirque Du Soleil" of horror.  Creator of the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride and recently the Great Horror Campout.
Eric Fox
Special Effects Makeup Artist, Face Off Season 4
Darkest Jack
TV and Radio show Host and entertainer, The Monster Channel's "The Darkest Hours" show and Darkest Radio
JT Mollner
Freakling Bros Trilogy of Terror Manager/ Co-Creator of "The Gates of Hell"
Lora Ivanova
Co-founder and Executive Producer of ScareLA Halloween Convention. President of Genie Effect “Publicity for Dreamers and Doers,” Lora's work includes the greatly popular interactive horror experience Haunted Play DELUSION and HAuNTcon.
Matt Ford
Matt Ford and his wife Lori Merkle Ford, produce the high tech home haunt The House At Haunted Hill, CA. Matt is an Emmy winning Lighting Designer for multi camera television on shows such as America’s Got Talent, The Celebrity Apprentice, The National Christmas Tree lighting, and others.
Taylor Moten
Seamstress and costume designer with love of special effects costuming primarily in aging, distressing and adding effects to create horrifying creatures
Josh Randall
Founder and Co-Creator of the immersive horror experience, BLACKOUT Haunted House.
Gus Krueger
Timothy “Gus” Krueger is a design specialist at Knott’s Berry Farm. He oversaw the installation of props for mazes including Endgames, Dia de los Muertos, Evil Dead Log Ride, and The Witch's Keep in the Calico Mine Ride.
Rob Perez
Rob Perez has been creating spooky sounds, music and video effects for Knott’s Scary Farm mazes and shows since 1991. Music and video direction co-creator and co-writer of Ed Alonzo's Funhouse and Psycho Circus, Unearthed, and The Hanging.
Rick Ouwerkerk
Co-creator of House of Restless Spirits in Santa Monica, CA
Eric Maurin
Founder and co-creator of House of Restless Spirits, a mysterious and eerily atmospheric haunt in Santa Monica, CA
Diane Meyer
Founder and Operator of The Rotten Apple 907 home haunt
Eric Lynxwiler
Urban anthropologist J. Eric Lynxwiler is the co-author of “Knott’s Preserved: From Boysenberry to Theme Park, The History Of Knott’s Berry Farm” and “Wilshire Boulevard: Grand Concourse of Los Angeles.”
Jeff Gustafson
Founder and operator of the acclaimed home haunt "The Backwoods"
Robert "Corpsy" Rhine
Publisher/Deaditor-In-Chief of Girls and Corpses Magazine. Corpsy will be at the Girls and Corpses booth all weekend.
Rick West
Programming Producer of ScareLA Halloween Convention, Creative Director in the themed entertainment industry, Founder of Theme Park Adventure
Chris Thomas
Award-winning composer for films and haunted attractions
Willie May
CEO and Executive Creative Director of Scream Team Productions haunt industry consultant company
Sid Haig
Actor, "The Devil's Rejects," "House of 1,000 Corpses," "Spider Baby." Sid will be at the Girls & Corpses booth all weekend.
Kim Cooper
Los Angeles dark lore historian, founder Esotouric and LAVA - the Los Angeles Visionaries Association.
Daniel Miller
A designer of dark attractions for Knott's Berry Farm (A.K.A Knott's Scary Farm). Published author of the dark novel for young adults "The Short Death of Phineas Bean".
Scott Weitz
Creating, writing, and scaring up new attractions in the themed entertainment industry for twenty years, Scott Weitz's client list includes Universal Creative, Fairplex (LA County Fair), Iwerks Entertainment, and most recently Eli Roth's GORETORIUM, a $10 million haunt attraction open year-round on the Las Vegas Strip.
Rick Polizzi
Rick Polizzi is a three-time Emmy Award winning producer ("The Simpsons") and has done concept development for Universal Studios Theme Parks.
Glenn Schmidt
Glenn Schmidt is one of the masterminds behind the home haunt Boot Hill in Irvine, California. Since the mid 1980’s, he has been creating elaborate home Halloween displays and experiences that have been enjoyed by many.
Oliver Robins
Writer/Director/Actor, owner of Cursed Clothes, Robbie from "Poltergeist"
Russ McKamey
Russ McKamey is a haunt enthusiast who has taken the art of extreme haunting to a completely new level. Owner and operator of McKamey Manor in San Diego.
Brooke Walters
Knott's Halloween Haunt (Maze Designer; Supervisor of Entertainment Design)
Scott Michaels
Dearly Departed Tours (owner/operator)
Matt Dorado
CEO and Creative Director, BLKMGC Creative Arts
Larry Bones
Universal Studios Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights (Head of the Makeup & Monster Department); Bone Yard Effects, Inc. (Founder)
Jeff Schiefelbein
Owner/Operator, Sinister Pointe
Jeff Tucker
Knott's Halloween Haunt
Lara Hanneman
Knott’s Berry Farm (Director of Entertainment Production)
Mike Talarico
The Empty Grave Haunted House (Owner)
Bruce Stanton
Creator/Operator, Reign of Terror Haunted House
Jon Autopsy
Custom Haunted Attraction Soundtracks