Damien LeVeck

Director, The Cleansing Hour

“It’s imperative for me to create films that have a rich subtext that can spark conversations about important subjects. THE CLEANSING HOUR is no exception. The film’s audience actually becomes part of the film’s examination of the darker side of technology’s impact on society today.”

Shriekfest Shorts Block

The Cleansing Hour

Shriekfest Scary Shorts Block + Q&A

Screening Room

Films in this block: Eveless, Antonio Padovan – In a dystopian future, corporations profit by robbing humanity of its ability to procreate. Two men rise up to take back their lives and the future of humanity. It’s All In Your Head, Greg Jeffs – A story about the monster in the closet. PYOTR495, Blake Mawson – Set one evening in present-day […]