Todd Larsen

Creator, Immersion X Productions, the Worlds First Augmented Reality Live Immersion Theater Haunt

Todd Larsen LA/NY and Immersion X Productions, is a creation, production and entertainment company known for creating the Worlds First Augmented Reality Live Immersion Theater Haunt.
Immersing scare seekers into the 4th Dimension for a 3rd year.

Known for creating Live Immersive theater, as a collision of reality, Haunted House, Paranormal Investigation, Escape room, Interaction, and Technology.

Todd is know for performances, teaching and speaking engagements around the World, including NY and LA. He has become an innovating Creation Coach in Live Theater creation and Utilizing simple techniques (low budget) to high tech in creating unique experiences.

Known also as creating “The Experience that begins when you buy your ticket”™

Immersion: creating and using new technology in the old haunting niche

Augmented reality

Immersion: Using New AR Technology in the Old Haunting Niche

Education Stage

Augmented reality- Definition… an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology to overlay digital information on an image. This theatrical 4th Dimension concept has been in development for over a year enabling us to create a horrifying new level of immersive interactive experiences. Your immersion into this horrific story will begin in […]

Scare Student Education Seminar