Mark Silverman_Headshot

When Mark Silverman was a kid, his biggest obsession was watching monster movies and making Aurora Monster models; when he wasn’t doing that, he was watching The Twilight Zone and going to Disneyland. When Mark became a teenager, he would take a small tape recorder into Disneyland just to record all the audio from the rides. He would record all his favorite attractions, including Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion. Within a few months, Mark memorized every line of dialogue from every ride at Disneyland, including every safety spiel! As Mark became an adult, he got into voice-over work; how could he know then that two of his favorite childhood obsessions were about to become a reality! In 1993, Mark was hired by Walt Disney Imagineering to perform the voice of Rod Serling for The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror for Walt Disney World. The ride has since become a Disney classic, and the version which his voice is featured in is now at three parks. Mark does other voices for Disney as well, including pirate voices in several Disney parks and the voice of Friend Owl for many Bambi-themed videos and games. He was honored to perform the voice of kings in Disney dubs of two Miyazaki movies, including the Academy Award-nominated Howl’s Moving Castle. Mark also narrated the Emmy Award-nominated documentary for the show LOST called Mysteries of the Universe – The Dharma Initiative. Mark lives in Northridge, and still watches monster movies! He is still obsessed with Disneyland, and tries to go as many times as he can each year. He is always looking forward to his next voice-over adventure!