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What you can expect

  • 200,000 sq. ft. of Halloween mayhem in the middle of the SoCal summer
  • Curated collection of 250+ exhibitors showcasing scary goods & services
  • Celebrity and expert panels on the haunt business & horror entertainment
  • Sneak peaks and unveils of the most anticipated local haunts & events
  • Performances by horror theatre companies and musicians
  • Professional demos of makeup, set building, costuming & animatronics
  • Hands-on workshops taught by top industry professionals for all ages
  • Screenings of over 75 original horror films, documentaries & shorts
  • Mini-haunts, interactive experiences, games, roaming monsters, cosplay 
  • and MORE!


Who we are

We are a proud community of artists, creators, and entrepreneurs who share a love for Halloween, horror, and immersive entertainment. Together we give the SoCal scare industry a voice to be heard world-wide. ScareLA is created in Los Angeles for fans of all ages.

The Inspiration Behind ScareLA

“The inspiration for ScareLA came during post-Halloween depression (yes, I love Halloween so much I get the blues when it’s over) 🙁 It seemed unfair to have to wait for an entire year to celebrate again. After launching the hit horror experience “Delusion” alongside Jon Braver and Neil Patrick Harris and working with Leonard Pickel, the “Godfather of Haunting,” on HAuNTcon, the longest running haunter’s convention, I wanted to create a place where the entire scare-loving community can come together – from fans to famous. By kicking off Halloween early in the summer, ScareLA extends the spooky season for scare enthusiasts of all ages in SoCal and beyond. See you there!”

– Lora Ivanova, ScareLA Founder & Executive Producer

Lora Ivanova 

Welcome to ScareLA