William Garibay

Co-creator, Library of Horror

William Garibay is a writer, storyboard lead, and co creator. He is one of the BIG FOUR/the FOUNDERS/FOUR PILLARS. While he has no degree or education in film, he has a vivid imagination and equally vivid nightmares as well as a passion driven by his love for the horror genre. His works include his dream journal, Master P the penguin children’s book, and the wall in the 2nd stall of the men’s restroom at Bloomingdales. He seeks no accolades for his work, just a creative outlet for his idea. Nonetheless, he is an integral part of the team and it is safe to say, without him this project would not exist. His dream is a secret. William’s favorite horror movie is Evil Dead 2

My Sessions

Library of Horror

Screening Room

Features the following films: Grim Reaper, Frshta Mangal & William Garibay – Episode one: Library of Horror brings you its very first animated short which is based on true events. Little Amanda meets the Grim Reaper as she walks home with her Aunt. Don’t Shower at Night, Frshta Mangal & William Garibay – Episode two: Jamila, a young Americanized […]