David Benullo is an international screenwriter and director with credits in film and television. While also working inside the studio system, David’s work has primarily been focused in genre storytelling. His horror screenplay Shadow Man was a Nicholls Fellowship Semi-Finalist, which lead to a career that started in low-budget thrillers and ghosts stories.

From there, David adapted his Shadow Man script into an award-winning short film that has received international acclaim and was one of the few American films to ever be invited to the prestigious Sitges Film Festival. The film was also recently selected to play on the popular Aint It Cool News website.

David made his directorial debut with his supernatural thriller Hallowed Ground, starring Jaime Alexander (Thor) and Chloe Grace Moretz (Carrie, Kick-Ass.)

David’s genre work has continued into television, where he worked as a writer for The Dead Zone, a USA Network series based on the novel by Stephen King. He is currently out with a pilot for a new horror TV series entitled Bloodlines, which springboards from the decades of teen “slasher” films.

Between projects, David served as co-chair of the selection committee for the Screamfest Los Angeles Horror Film Festival, where he helped discover Paranormal Activity, The Human Centipede, and House of the Devil.

David is currently prepping his next directional film, the Xmas monster movie Frost Bites, which is scheduled to shoot in January 2015.