Kenneth Hughes has worked with the Coen Brothers, Michael Bay, Jim Carrey, Madonna, Meryle Streep, Val Kilmer, Matthew Ralston, Tracy Ullman, Christopher Columbus, Julie Taymor, ISO Dance, Bee Gee’s, Amy Brenneman, Diavalo Dance, and Mika Kaurismaki, to name a few (see his IMDB credits or his website for reels and resume). Kenneth has appeared in numerous film festivals including Canne and Sundance and has taught and lectured at film festivals and universities and high schools on Micro-budget film making & Dance & Acting. He is currently in post production on 3 feature films due out in 2014 and 2015: (Einstein’s God Model and Movie based on Tony DuShanes book (Confessions of a Teenage Jesus Jerk.) He has a Cinema Degree, Equine Science Degree, Law Degree and a Pilots License. He also has enjoyed teaching Dance and Acting at various independent schools and CalArts. He has directed and produced music videos, commercials and live stage events and last but not least is a professional Dodgeballer.