Freak Show : Dangerous D & Slideshow Cy

Scarywood Street

Darin “Dangerous D” Malfi is a professional Sideshow Performer, Extreme Shock Artist, and Stunt Entertainer who is constantly pushing his mind, body, and soul to their life threatening limits.  Smashing you right in the face with a completely out-of-control live performance, Dangerous D is absolutely hilarious and will do and say everything you wish you could!  As a world record holder, D is known for performing dangerous stunts, you won’t see anywhere else in the world—putting his life on the line everyday risking serious injury or death to entertain the masses.

In addition to a killer solo act, The Dangerous D Shock Show is also a full blown, insane, modern day Circus Sideshow exploding with energy, featuring everything you ever wanted to see in a sideshow including real born freaks!  YOU can hire Dangerous D’s solo act or Shock Show and be remembered for having the best entertainment in the world!