Jessica Cameron

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Actress Jessica Cameron was born and raised in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. She moved to Ohio in order to work as a fashion designer, though after taking an acting class, and being bitten hard by that bug, Cameron decided to make acting her full-time career.

Relocating to Hollywood, CA, Cameron she¬†has been cast in more than fifty projects including music videos, TV shows and feature films, and n 2010 won an industry award for being a Rising Movie Star. Some of her career highlights include¬†working with legendary director Jim Wynorski on the Syfy channel film “Camel Spiders”, and with established horror director Jeff Burr on “Resurrection”. Cameron was also thrilled to play screen legend Marilyn Monroe in “The Black Dahlia Haunting”, having been a fan of the Hollywood icon for many years.

Cameron has additionally starred in four web series including the sci-fi, film noir Aidan 5, which was nominated for too many awards to list, including a win for Best Web Series at Gen Con 2012. In 2011 Cameron ventured into the world of comic book modeling, with her appearances in Brian Shirley’s Crocaloctopus and Dennis Willman’s Ginger-Stein, and in 2012 she was featured in Dennis Willman’s comic book series The Vengeance of Sleepy Hollow, as well as many more film and TV projects, including a part in director Steven C. Miller’s fan-favorite horror feature Silent Night.

2013 was the first year in which Cameron stepped behind the camera to direct and produce Truth Or Dare, a torture film that she co-wrote with Jon Scott Higgins. Truth Or Dare would screen nearly 50 times all over the world and win 33 awards. Cameron would direct several short films in 2013 including a segment for the Soska sisters Blood Drive PSA. She would produce 2 more feature films (Utero and Save Yourself) before embarking on her most ambitious project yet – filming 3 movies while traveling across the USA in an motor home with some of her favorite film makers. The team shot 2 narrative features (Desolation and Mania) and the documentary surrounding the process called Kill The Production Assistant. Mania would mark Cameron’s 2nd time directing a feature film.