Bill Ramsay

Home Haunter/ Prop Builder/ Creator, Fear Fest Commercial Haunt

Dr. Bill Ramsay/Dr. TerrorEyes has been a Home Haunter and prop builder for 42 years. He is also co-creator and manager of Ocala, FL’s Fear Fest Commercial Haunt. He is a sponsored course instructor and presenter for HAuNTcon, TransWorld, HauntX, Canadian Haunted Attraction Conference (CHAC), West Coast Haunters Convention (WCHC), Halloween Extreme, Midwest Haunters Convention (MHC), Halloween & HauntFest, National Haunters Convention (NHC), Chicago Frights, ScareLA, Lakeland ZombieFest, and Florida Haunters Make-n-Take/Social.

The host of Florida Haunter’s Annual Ocala Social, Bill is also a member of HalloweenForum.com and several online Facebook Halloween-related groups. His numerous accolades have included: “Best Prop” at Halloween Extreme, “First Place Prop” at Garage Haunts USA, “Best Costume” at Stockade-2 event, “2nd Place Costume” from Haunt Nation Magazine, “Most Creative Costume” from Mojo Grill, “Spookiest Costume” from Disney Cruise Line, and “Scariest Costume” from WCHC (2014 & 2016).

Multiple Classes

Skeleton make-overs, cemetery decorations and more