Debi Cable

Creator, “3D” Blacklight Experience

Debi Cable “3D” Blacklight Experience – features , hand-painted fluorescent murals , to create immersive, architectural environments enhanced by her signature Black-light 3D Glasses, which explode the masterpieces into a visual carnival for your eyes, mind and vivid imagination. Cable is as active in promoting art as she is creating it — co-founding – Pershing Square’s Art Squared Gallery, and former Burning Man Regional Arts Director for LA.

Debi Cable’s “3D” Blacklight Experience has been featured at music and art festivals around America including , Halloween installations at Scare LA 2016 , YouTube Halloween Party, Carnival of Souls , Playboy Mansion and Maxim Halloween Private event’s , Lightning in a Bottle, Electric Daisy Carnival, Beyond Wonderland and many, many more. Back for a second year, and bigger and trippier than ever, This year – Debi Cable “3D” Blacklight Experience , will create a photogenic love-fest inside the cavernous Halloween Maze lounge.

“I create my artwork to be experienced in a true 3D immersive environment, surrounding all who enter in a magical, surreal place that usually only would exist in the imagination of a childlike dream. I’m continually inspired by the reactions of all who have had their own 3D Blacklight Experience ! I can’t wait to share the “3D” magic with the rest of the Best Haunters In America @ at Scare LA !” Don’t miss it !

To find out more about Debi, connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, or check out her work on YouTube.

Debi Cable's “3D” Blacklight Experience

A visual carnival for your eyes, mind and vivid imagination