John Dobrenick

Designing Fear & Illicitus Theatre

John has spent his life delving into the entertainment world. Business management, sound design, music composition, audio engineering, digital media, radio broadcasting, copy writing, video production, event planning, disc jockey work & producing stellar productions have been his primary focus for well over two decades now.

He started his career in the broadcasting trade, continued for over a decade, & afterwards branched off to create his own entertainment media production company and professional disc jockey marketing/promotion business. John also helped create one of the largest and first ever media agencies dedicated to the world of Haunted/ Halloween attractions.

He is an award-winning entertainment producer residing in Los Angeles. Johns’ passion for quality entertainment for the masses fuels him to continue to produce and manage projects for TV, Film, Theme Parks, Attractions, & Companies worldwide. These opportunities have led John to residencies, shows, & production in cities such as Orlando, Detroit, Las Vegas, San Francisco, & Los Angeles. Over the years his work has been seen and heard on networks such as Disney ABC, CBS, NBC Universal, ESPN, & Fox News to name a few.

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