Katie Cole

Makeup Artist

Katie Cole is an artist and body painter from Orange, CA who has had a passion for anything creative for as long as she can remember. At a young age, Katie would spend hours and hours trying to duplicate drawings that she would find in books. Throughout her school years she never took any art classes but always considered herself an artist at heart. It wasn’t until she took a drawing class for fun in college that she realized this could be something more than just fun. Suddenly she changed her major from bio-chem to art and never looked back. But it wasn’t until she auditioned to be a face painter at Disneyland that she discovered her real passion was body painting. Even with no experience in face or body painting, she continued to create and grow until she felt good about her art. The possibilities felt endless and she used herself as a canvas when wanting to practice and started posting her work online just for fun. She’s now gained over 15,000 followers on Instagram because of her body painting and she hopes to continue growing and inspiring people with her artwork for years to come.

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