Kyle Vest

Make-up Artist, Skin Wars (Season 2) GSNTV, Universal Studios Florida Halloween Horror Nights

Kyle Started in 1997 in the Haunted House Industry, immersing you in his design elements in over these years with 14 haunted attractions 3 hayrides in the United States including his own fully designed 2 attractions in 2016 The Haunt at Old Town Kissimmee Florida.

Kyle Has acted in over 25 haunted attractions, and taught makeup at 20 of them. He was Discovered on The famous Game Show Network show Skin wars also now featured on Netflix. Kyle Was on Season 2 of the completive body painting show, Were He won the Horror Challenged and was seen in the Final episode. Not only has he won this award but many others including Ms. Scary Midwest in 2015.

Kyle wanted in the Industry to grow to the big names and that’s just what he did working now full time at Universal Studios Florida where he started in 2008. Halloween Horror Nights as a Airbrush makeup Artist and actor Kyle grew rapidly.

He’s Played Iconic rolls such as Pyramid Head on stilts and even been featured on a bill Board and Coca-Cola commercials. Kyle is known for these years at Universal as the multitalented Skater, stilt walker, makeup artist. Kyle has Pushed boundaries the new levels in entertainment across not just USA but even in Mexico as a lead skater for Aytyde where he skated as Prince Charming, and Danny Suko. Kyle was the first ever Aerial Ice skater to perform on aerial chains above Ice.

As an Aerialist he has really flew to newer heights.If this wasn’t enough on Kyle is also known for costume design and has worked as a semester for A-List Artist Taylor Swift, Sarah Brightman, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, and Justin Bieber where you can see his outfits he made in his 3D Movie.

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