Lora Ivanova

Creator/ CEO, ScareLA

Lora Ivanova is the Creator, Founder and Executive Producer of ScareLA, the Los Angeles summer Halloween convention. Formerly as president of Genie Effect “Publicity for Dreamers and Doers,” she helped launch the highly successful immersive horror theatre experience Haunted Play DELUSION to fame alongside Creator Jon Braver and Co-producer Neil Patrick Harris. Lora also worked with Leonard Pickel, aka the “Godfather of Haunting,” and creator of HAuNTcon, the longest running U.S. haunter’s convention in the U.S. which inspired her to produce the West Coast show for fans.

Lora is a serial entrepreneur with track record of working for some of the largest online brands, award-winning entertainment studios and thought leading brands. She is an avid explorer, nature lover and philanthropist. Lora’s background in theatre and art brings a touch of whimsy to her darkest nightmares and brightest dreams.

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