Matthew Schulz

Queen Mary resident paranormal investigator, former San Diego Whaley House Museum resident paranormal investigator, ParaXplorer Project Founder

Born into the Scooby-Doo generation and growing up a Monster Kid, Matthew Schulz’s interest in the spirit realm was greatly encouraged when it was discovered his uncle and aunt lived within a turn-of-the-20th century haunted mansion with a storied history. Alhambra, California’s The Pyrenees Castle is now landmarked  for being the one-time home of music producer Phil Specter and the location of his companion’s, Lana Clarkson, murder.

At the age of eight, Matthew would sneak a shoe box style analog cassette tape recorder into the estate’s attic while attempting spirit communication. With no knowledge of paranormal investigation techniques, these efforts would be later known to him as his first Electronic Voice Phenomenon [EVP] recording sessions.

Several decades later, Matthew cut his formal organized investigation teeth on fascinating locations across the nation including the honor co-creating and four years co-hosting Paranormal Investigation Tours at the infamous San Diego Whaley House Museum.

Starting his seventh year, today Matthew is the current Resident Paranormal Investigator and host of late night weekend Paranormal Investigation Tours aboard Long Beach, California’s Queen Mary historic ship. He has spent over 14,000 hours investigation the ship’s high strangeness.

My Sessions

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