Juan Davis

Director, "When She Awakes"

Juan Davis is a screenwriter and director from Oakland, CA. He holds a MFA in motion pictures and television from Academy of Art University, San Francisco. Born in raised in Virginia, he migrated across the U.S. to California to pursue his passion in film making. His latest short film screened in 17 film festivals in the U.S. and abroad. When he is not making films, he works with the VR Immersive Content team at Google. He is also a digital film-making instructor at SAE Expression College in Emeryville, CA where he teaches prospective Bachelors Degree candidates video and post-production.

My Sessions

Monsters & The Macabre

Films in This Block: Bogy (Directed By Jake Byrd) – A successful woman has her past come back to haunt her. Cat Box (Directed By Kris Kristensen) – A nosy cat-sitter stumbles onto a series of sinister clues in the home of a new client, but as each mystery unlocks another, and with no cat […]

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