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Films in This Block:

A Beautiful Place (Directed By Matthew Vinaja) – Danny Gulfman(Tony Moran), lays in bed sick, dying of cancer. An angelic woman named June Walters(Genevieve Graves) comes to him and at that moment, he knows his time has come. Danny begins to ask questions about where he is going, but knows that something is off. It’s when he remembers who this woman is, he realizes his fate isn’t as promising as he once believed it to be. Lucifer(Robert Mukes) comes down for a final ruling. This is a classic of tale of how things aren’t always as beautiful as they seem.

Autumn Ghost (Directed By Jin Ning) – A banker named Shawn, who has ability can see the ghost, noticed he was followed by some ghosts.

Esther (Directed By Rain Zheng) – 1878: In a remote village, a vulnerable teenage girl faces the most terrifying night of her life when a threatening message mysteriously appears on her bedroom wall: You’re mine to kill.

Jamie (Directed By Frank Ferendo) – After a troubled young mother is released from a psych ward, a doctor at the ward realizes that she may have made a terrible mistake. Proof-of-Concept short pitch film for the feature film “Jonah”.

Light As A Feather (Directed By Lisa J Dooley) – In the short horror film by Lisa J. Dooley LIGHT AS A FEATHER, an homage Nickelodeon’s ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark’, Zoe and Devin are scared sleepless after a ghost story is told at an all girl sleepover. Are the Jessup Girls real, or have their imaginations run wild?

Those Who Dwell Within (Directed By Mike Piccirillo) – An apprehensive priest visits a woman to help her with her sister.

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