Matthew Vinaja

Director, "A Beautiful Place"

Matthew, born and raised in San Jose had a dream of Directing Horror films since the age of 16. He moved to LA to pursue that dream in 2012. Since then has Directed/Wrote 2 films generating 6 Festival Acceptances for “Dementia 31” and 23 acceptances for his last film, “Toothless”. Now has Directed and Co-Wrote a new film with a few of his childhood idols, Tony Moran (Halloween) and Robert Mukes (House of 1000 Corpses), “A Beautiful Place”.

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Films in This Block: A Beautiful Place (Directed By Matthew Vinaja) – Danny Gulfman(Tony Moran), lays in bed sick, dying of cancer. An angelic woman named June Walters(Genevieve Graves) comes to him and at that moment, he knows his time has come. Danny begins to ask questions about where he is going, but knows that […]

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