Horrible Imaginings Film Festival Shorts

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Horrible Imaginings Film Festival:

Horror is not always what you think!

Our mission is to amplify voices that express those emotions that make life a little more challenging. Fear, anxiety, despair, desperation, dark fantasy, unhealthy longing, terror–those parts of the human condition all of us recognize, but few of us enjoy talking about. We sincerely believe the sharing of dark stories in community settings of diverse artists and audience members not only exorcises these emotions, but also helps to foster empathy through linked experiences.

Join us in championing the horrible imaginings of filmmakers and artists by facilitating screenings, panels and forums, and networking events.

Films in This Block:

Blood Sisters (Directed By Caitlin Koller) – Amateur witchcraft conjures up bloody consequences.

Body Image (Directed By Kim Garland) – A woman is tormented by her compulsion to stay thin.

Dark_Net (Directed By Tom Marshall) – Alan (Johnny Vegas) searches for answers in all the wrong places and this time he thinks he’s found them…on the internet in the form of a highly trained deadly assassin. But he’s
about to learn the true price of entering the ‘dark_net’.

Excarnate (Directed By Ryan Schaddelee) – Releasing the tortured souls of the living dead is a dangerous business…

Eye Love You (Directed By Nikiel Suchit) – A boy plans a special gift for his mother.

Nasty (Directed By Prano Bailey) – It’s 1982. Twelve-year old Doug is drawn into the lurid world of VHS horror as he explores the mysterious disappearance of his father.

Nightlight (Directed By Kyle Daly) – The shadows are full of hidden monsters. We flip on the bedside lamp to cast them away. But if we fear the dark, how do we know they don’t fear the light? What makes our fears more legitimate than their own?

The Call of Charlie (Directed By Nick Spooner) – A trendy Los Angeles couple sets up a blind date for two of their friends, one of whom is an ancient evil deity from beneath the sea. Unfortunately, on the evening of the rendezvous, two interlopers unexpectedly arrive at dinner to make the situation all the more awkward.

Your Date is Here (Directed By Todd Spence and Zak White) – After dusting off an old Mystery Date-style board game, a mother and daughter realize the game holds more evil than amusement.

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