Kyle Daly

Director, Nightlight

He’s right behind you. Ragged hot breath on the back of your neck. A cool chill runs down your spine. You whip around – a shriek building up in your throat – and realize everything is okay. It’s just Kyle Daly, and he’s actually a really nice guy. Kyle worked alongside Tomas Brewer in 2015 to create “Horrorgrams”, a series of 31 in-your-face horror shorts. In 2017, his film “Nightlight” forced us to sympathize with the monsters that we so often misunderstand. Today, Kyle spends his time traveling the country to work as a cinematographer on documentary and commercial projects. When not hard at work, you can find him hard at play in the mountains, climbing and shooting photos. But what’s that noise in the other room? Creaking floorboards? This abandoned house should be empty! Hopefully it’s Kyle, otherwise you’re screwed.

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Horrible Imaginings Film Festival Shorts

Screening Room

Horrible Imaginings Film Festival: Horror is not always what you think! Our mission is to amplify voices that express those emotions that make life a little more challenging. Fear, anxiety, despair, desperation, dark fantasy, unhealthy longing, terror–those parts of the human condition all of us recognize, but few of us enjoy talking about. We sincerely […]

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