Caitlin Koller

Director, "Blood Sisters"

Caitlin Koller is an award-winning Australian filmmaker. She completed an Honours degree in Film and Television at Swinburne University in 2012, and her graduate film MAID OF HORROR has since played around the world. Her new short film, BLOOD SISTERS, premiered at Stranger With My Face Film Festival in 2017 and has since won awards across North America. Her first feature film 30 MILES FROM NOWHERE is currently in post-production.

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Horrible Imaginings Film Festival Shorts

Screening Room

Horrible Imaginings Film Festival: Horror is not always what you think! Our mission is to amplify voices that express those emotions that make life a little more challenging. Fear, anxiety, despair, desperation, dark fantasy, unhealthy longing, terror–those parts of the human condition all of us recognize, but few of us enjoy talking about. We sincerely […]

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