Daniel Montgomery

Artistic Director/Writer, Creep LA / JFI Productions; Host, Goosebumps

Daniel Montgomery is a bonafide horror-movie addict, Halloween fanatic, all-things-scary expert, and host of the official Goosebumps podcast, Welcome To DeadCast (on iTunes!). In addition to being a writer, director, and content-creator, Daniel is also a trained performer (USC School of Dramatic Arts, Beverly Hills Playhouse) who works in theatre (Celebration Theatre, Sacred Fools, Rogue Machine) and TV/Film (The MiddleMom, HULU’s Complete Works, Grey’s Anatomy and the award-winning horror film, Pals).

My Sessions

From Horror to Haunt : Transitioning from Screen to Immersive Entertainment

Monster Stage

Some of horror’s most talented creators inevitably transition their careers from screen screams to live entertainment. Hear how these horror pioneers have made the switch and learn from their scary experiences.